BTT routes in El Maestrazgo

BTT routes in El Maestrazgo


Fortanete, All Terrain Bike Pick-up-point

The BTT Centre in El Maestrazgo is a space offering free access for those who practice off-road biking (BTT) or Mountain Bike (MTB), with at least of 100 km of signposted itineraries, departing from Fortanete with tourist information and services for the bikes.

The ten routes that make up El Maestrazgo BTT Centre run through a varied and contrasting terrain, where treasured natural attractions are complemented by rich heritage and culture, evidence of an intense human activity throughout its history.



These mountain bike routes, adapted for all difficulty levels, invite visitors to discover all these treasures at the leisurely pace that the use of mountain bike permits.



 The BTT Centre in El Maestrazgo offers:

– Over 100 km of trails marked and mapped according to the different difficulty levels.
– Two pick-up points that offer bicycle services and are also a tourist office. They boast of cartographic material and technical material.
– Complementary services to facilitate bicycle use: bicycle rental, parking area, laundry, showers and services, etc.
– A standard of quality. The BTT Centre follows the same parameters and format as the rest of mountain biking centres in the country.


Routes from Fortanete:

– Sierra de la Cañada and Capellanía. 30Km / 2 – 2h 30’h. / 506 gradient
– R1-Pitarque-R9 Connection. 12.7Km / 45’/ +53/-650 gradient
– Las Dehesas Route. 28Km / 2 – 2h 30’h. / 664 gradient
– Fortanete Pine Grove. 50Km / 3 – 5h. / 506 gradient
– GR 8 and the Camino de los Pilones. 21,3Km / 1h 30′h/ +324/-426 gradient
– Cantavieja Varient. 9Km / 30′ / +55/-382 gradient