Castillo del Cid, (El Cid Castle)

Castillo del Cid, (El Cid Castle)


Testimony from the 11th Century

Set at 6 Km from Fortanete, visible from the road is the castle, which was the setting of Cid Campeadordurante’s raids during the end of the 11th century. A fairly small construction of an irregular trapezoidal shape adapted to the ground where it was erected, this ‘rocky spur’ dominates the view of the Valley of Mercadales from the right of the Rambla de Mal Burgo.

Despite its state of ruin and abandonment it is still an important testimony of Fortanete’s history.

It is a military construction, without any signs of having being lived in, a lookout point solely occupied in times of war. It is assumed that the troops would have camped outside the castle.

To reach the castle of the Cid you must travel along very beautiful nature trails. It cannot be reached by car. It can be reached by laboriously ascending from the track that leads from the bottom of a ravine nearby, or by walking from the Masada La Capellania following the markings of a PR-path.