Slow Tourism

Slow Tourism


Alternative Tourism

The concept of ‘slow’ tourism differs greatly from conventional tourism by moving away from traditional routes or guides with strict timetables. Travelling at a more relaxed and leisurely pace allows us to discover and learn more about the places we visit, investigating the nature in its landscapes, the local gastronomy, meeting people, enjoying every minute and above all, relaxing.

The concept of slow tourism is closely related to nature tourism.



The Casal de Nicolás specialises in offering the ideal setting for the purpose of avoiding any kind of stress during your stay.



El Maestrazgo is the ideal destination for the nature lovers and eco-tourism, because it offers nature reserves, protected areas, gardens… for walking or sports such as hiking and cycling.

These are perfect options for visitors who want to delve into the philosophy of the slow tourism, seeking to relax, unwind, find tranquillity and experience contact with nature.