The Organs of Montoro

The Organs of Montoro


Cretaceous Strata

Impressive limestone needles at an altitude of more than two hundred meters, 36 Km from Fortanete, taking their name from their resemblance to the pipes of a musical organ.



The geological explanation of these curious formations is that they are a set of limestone strata from the superior cretaceous period, which were folded in a vertical position during the alpine orogeny phase. The consequent erosive process is the result of water, ice, winds and fluvial erosion, chiselling these peculiar forms, which are included within the network of the Points of geological interest of Aragon.

The best view of the Organs of Montoro can be seen the road itself, at the section called the Collado de Casa Mozuelos, where we can also find interpretive panels on the formation of this strange geological form.