The Vueltas Modorras Ravine

The Vueltas Modorras Ravine


A wild and little-known spot

A dry ravine that crosses the entire South/North boundary of Fortanete, perfect for all those adventurers who would like to learn about the source of the Pitarque River from a different perspective. It is an alternative and unseen route, and which allows access to the source of the river whilst enjoying places virtually undiscovered until now.



A wonderful route that follows the river’s course until reaching its headwaters.



This extensive route involves zigzagging down the narrow dry riverbed of the Pitarque River; the zigzag shape of this ravine is what gives it the name of Vueltas Modorras (dizzying turns).


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These places of stunning natural beauty are filled with light and shadows are lost corners full of charm and rock formations that allow our imaginations to run, and guide us to the aquatic paradises offered up by the source of the Pitarque River.


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