Heartfelt sentiments, tradition and craftsmanship

Nicolás was a carpenter who named his timber warehouse in Fortanete ‘El Casal’. When he fell ill he asked his nephew Paco to fix the roof because a supporting beam had split.

Sadly, Nicolás never got to see the replaced beam because he passed away and left the timber warehouse just as it was, with piles and piles of stored wood before his nephew had a chance to fix the roof.

His nephew Paco, followed in Nicolás’s footsteps and worked hard to make the family business a success, saddened by his uncle’s absence he left the beam as it was and decided to find a purpose for all the stored timber.

That was the moment when the concept of El Casal de Nicolás was born.

It took stones from three different quarries, ironwork, made to measure fittings from 500-year-old moulds and hand painted tiles with the heraldic emblems of Teruel and Fortanete.

Many historic pieces were recovered such as iron shields, maps, fuse boxes, hinges from the old Town hall’s doorways and keys to unknown locks that still prove a mystery.

And, of course, all that timber that Nicolas left in storage was converted into tables, chairs, chests, benches or wardrobes, which now decorate all corners.

In short, an excellent labour thanks to the efforts and heartfelt sentiments of Paco and Pili, who undertook the remodelling of the building in spite of the three hard and gruelling years it took them, it was worth the effort for both them and those that today can enjoy the results of their hard work.

The Casal de Nicolas opened its doors in 2007 into six converted and very comfortable tourist apartments not lacking in attention to detail and character.

To this day the split beam remains just as Nicolás left it.