The Path of the Maquis

The Path of the Maquis


A hideaway in the midst of a Pine grove

Fortanete is one of the hiking references of Aragon. This route is one of the most interesting, as it combines admired natural elements within the area with its recent history and leads up to a hidden place in the mountain range.




The route known as the ‘Path of the Maquis’ starts at the Calle del Loreto in the town centre. Visitors are advised to bring water from Fortanete as there are no water fountains along the way. Heading towards the Ermita del Maquis, the trail follows the actual GR 8 signs.




The geological structures act as a refuge in the dense pine forest, a strategic place to stay.

During the journey, from the Masico de la Pez, you can still find the remains left by a tornado that passed in 2000 in this part of Fortanete, causing the fall of pine trees along a stretch of 300 m, in the surroundings of the Masico Jujarra.




The end of the route is the Campamento Maqui, a setting formed by large vertical stonewalls that form a kind of ‘rocky corridor’. Numerous cavities or holes of different sizes along the walls are most probably where the Spanish Maquis sought refuge.


Distance: 7,6 Km (Hike), one way
Duration: 2 hr, one way
Gradient: 257 m