El Maestrazgo Caves

The fortunate physical location of Fortanete allows us to access all these caves without having to move far from the village.


Sima de la Rama, (Branch Chasm)

This cave is located at about 4 Km from Fortanete, in the Sierra de la Cañada, just beyond the Ermita de la Magdalena. It is a cave with numerous levels (requiring at least two ropes, though more ropes are recommended for making descents) and with and spacious cavernous areas connected by passages.


Cueva de Boca Negra, (Black Mouth Cave)

Located in the Rambla del Mal Burgo, in front of the Masico of Zoticos and the Más Alto, at about 10 Km from Fortanete. At 114 meters deep, it is the deepest cave in the province. The underground river running inside is the source of the Pitarque River. This makes it particularly important that visitors are informed of possible storms or snowmelts that could completely flood some passages.



Cueva del Turcacho, (Turcacho Cave)

30 Km from Fortanete, hand ropes and abseiling are required to reach the inside. It is near the Ermita del Cid, under a rock formation.



The remarkable stereometry, narrow passages and interesting formations of this cave provide added interest to the exciting exploration.

Magnificent typical stone constructions in this area of El Maestrazgo can be admired from the access track. The main opening (the easiest to access) has a gate and a secondary opening consists of a narrow passage not far from the main, a couple of meters in height from of the main opening.

Narrow passages, spacious caverns, tunnels, and changes of direction combine with beautiful contrasting colours, especially visible on the cave’s ceiling.




Further along the route becomes easier, beautifully decorated, passing a very eroded large band of colours. It ends after several turns in a space with columns, and in which a painted tile with an image of the Virgin of el Cid can be found.