Typical local products 

Typical local products 


Quality gastronomy

Typical local products derived from pork such as ham, included in the ” D.O. Jamón de Teruel “,  cured pork loin, Chorizo, spicy sausage or tenderloin, all of them are naturally cured, are of exceptional quality. Not forgetting the pork loin, sausage and pork ribs preserved in olive oil.


Gastronomía Maestrazgo


Lamb is another star product with an abundance of naturally reared local breeds.


Lamb from El Maestrazgo is among the typical products and has been given PGI status (protected geographical indication) as “Ternasco de Aragón”.


Of special mention too is the exquisite veal, bull beef and the amazing Cecina, (Salted and dried meat), also given the seal of quality “El Maestrazgo Beef” brand.

During autumn and winter, game such as partridge, quail, rabbit, wild boar or roe deer meat are typical delicacies.


Gastronomía Maestrazgo


The cultivation of olive trees in the lower region of El Maestrazgo is of particular importance, an exquisite and refined olive oil is extracted from of the Empeltre olive, which has been given the seal of quality with the denomination of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Bajo Aragón.

Excellent peaches, which also serve to make dried fruits and peaches preserved in wine, are grown in the interior reserves of the Park.

Not forgetting the excellence locally foraged products, notably the territory’s rich mycology: Robellónes (the Saffron Milk Cap), Colmenillas (Morels), Setas de chopo (Poplar mushrooms), to mention a few, are just some of the varieties that can be collected in the mountains of El Maestrazgo both in Spring and Autumn.


Productos típicos Maestrazgo


If we were to name a gourmet product that especially represents El Maestrazgo it would be Tronchón cheese, cited twice in the book Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes. Traditionally handmade from mainly ewe’s milk by adding ‘hierba cuajera’ (pistils of Scotch thistle) to unskimmed milk warm. Great quality cow and goat cheese, both fresh and cured, are also elaborated in the rest of the region.

There are many different kinds of pastries that are baked in the ovens of El Maestrazgo; these include Tortas de alma (Soul Cakes), Almendrados (made from almonds), Almond Mantecados, Puff Pastry Mantecados, Misterios, Anise tartlets, Mostachones, Sequillos, Carquinoleso (Almond Biscotti) and Almojábanas among others.

Although to a lesser extent, there are also vineyards the El Maestrazgo, which produce young, white and rosé wines and both Crianza and Reserva wines too.