Geological Park

Geological Park


The history of our planet

The Interpretation Centre and creation of routes aimed at researchers and university students is located 55 Km from Fortanete. 



A natural setting as well as a vantage point from which to contemplate the past 200 million years of the history of our planet.

Some of its wonderful formations and geological structures, modelled in spectacular relief, are considered by scientists as internationally unique examples.

It offers the possibility of a new perspective on the Earth; to continually ask questions… The accumulation of layers of stratum are like the leaves of a book that tell the story of our planet.




Created for both scientists and inquisitive visitors to get to investigate the Park and its vicinity, in the geological park of Aliaga there are two different routes. One more “scientific” in a natural setting, with 11 stops indicated on the road by metal-plates with explanations on ceramic plates, and another of a more “touristic” character which consists of 9 stops, some of which coincide with the scientific route.