Wild mushroom picking 

Wild mushroom picking 


Mycology in El Maestrazgo

The wild mushroom season attracts mushroom foragers and mycology enthusiasts to the hills in our region. El Maestrazgo is one of the best places in the Province of Teruel to find the most valued and delicious wild mushrooms. The wild mushroom season is complemented by mycological and gastronomic seminars. 


The Mycological Reserve in El Maestrazgo covers an area of approximately 10,000 mountainous hectares for public use, enclosed and regulated for mushroom picking.


Coto micológico Maestrazgo


Permits can be purchased at any of the associated establishments displaying the project’s logo or via the web: www.deportesmaestrazgo.es. A mycological guide is given to anyone with a pass and provides detailed information about the reserve. The money raised from the sale of these passes goes towards making improvements to the mountains of El Maestrazgo.